Laser and IPL


A- Hair removal with Laser
If you are tired of shaving or cannot bear the pain of waxing,we have the solution for your problem.You can enjoy a permanent reduction in hair growth. The treatment ispainless, but offers effectively an easy way to remove hair from your face and body, so you can get on with your day-to-day life without having to worry about unwanted hair. Hair removal with Laser.Effective treatment that promises to zap most if not all of your hair.

B- Age Spot and liver spot
As we get older our skin changes and it’s completely natural to see fine lines, wrinkles and age spots appear. It can be a difficult transition for many men and women but there are a number of very effective treatments available at Admired Clinic. The appearance of age spots  flat and oval shaped patches of skin – on the face and body can be dramatically reduced, leaving you with more even, younger looking skin.
If you’re looking for a quick, painless and effective way to reduce the appearance of brown spots on your face or body, laser treatment is one of the best solutions around. The latest development PPx laser is considered by medical experts to be one of the most highly effective skin rejuvenation treatments available. Because it uses state-of-the-art technology, it works much more quickly than other lasers in the treatment of liver spots and other signs of ageing and sun damage. Remember that SPF (sun protection factor) should be always used even in the cloudy days.
Other treatments for the natural signs of ageing, include skin peels, Dermaroller and line and wrinkle injections.

C- Acne Scars
PPx Laser is the only laser treatment for adult acne to have received FDA approval, with most patients noting a visible improvement in the condition of their skin within 24 and 48 hours of treatment. A course of treatment will achieve the best and most long-lasting results, and we usually recommend between four and six treatments.
A course of skin peel treatments combined with medical microdermabrasion really works to help unclog pores, remove blemishes, uneven pigmentation and acne scars, thereby improving the appearance of your skin quickly and painlessly.

You don’t need to suffer with uncomfortable flare-ups, redness and embarrassment of acne rosacea, as at Admired clinic laser treatment is very effective in the treatment of this, and a number of other skin conditions, including adult acne and facial thread veins. This safe, virtually pain-free and very quick treatment is widely regarded as one of the most effective skin treatments currently available and is ideal for use on all skin types and for a wide range of age groups. Patients will notice a visible improvement in the condition of their skin within 24-48 hours after treatment.